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The global mining and tunneling sectors, pivotal for economic development and energy solutions, involve activities ranging from mineral extraction to tunnel construction. Epiroc, Sandvik, and Atlas Copco are leading brands, recognized for their technological innovations in these industries. Another significant contributor is Delkom, known for producing top-quality alternative spare parts for diverse mining and tunneling equipment brands.

Delkom stands out as a reliable supplier, offering a wide range of high-quality spare parts for various models. The company has set industry standards for prompt delivery and reliability, ensuring uninterrupted business processes for customers. Similar to industry giants like Epiroc and Sandvik, Delkom’s commitment represents a significant step toward providing sustainable solutions in the mining and tunneling sector.

Epiroc Boltec 235, Epiroc Rocket Boomer 282, Boomer L2D, Epiroc Simba S7D, Cabletec M , Epiroc Boomer M2C-SP, Epiroc Boomer S1D, Simba M7C & etc. Other All Rock Drill Series Spare Parts

Rock Drill 700, Rock Drill Dx800, Rock Drill Dx900i, Rock Drill Tiger DG810, Rock Drill Commando DC120 , Rock Drill Leopard DI550, Rock Drill Pantera DP1500i, etc. & Other All Rock Drill Series Spare Parts

Furukawa Hcr 9, Furukawa Hcr 12, Furukawa Hcr 910-DS, Furukawa Hcr 1200-DS, Furukawa Hcr 1450, Furukawa Hcr 1500-EDII, Furukawa Hcr Furukawa 1600-ED, Hcr 1800 & Other All Rock Drill Series Spare Parts

Axera 7, Rock Drill DD421, Rock Drill Jumbo DS311, Rock Drill Jumbo DT912d, Rock Drill Jumbo DL421, Rock Drill Jumbo DU411, Rock Drill Jumbo DT821, etc. & Other All Rock Drill Series Spare Parts